Ville Kari


Welcome to my little website. I am a legal scholar, a Doctor of Laws and a journeyman judge, having earned the qualification on the bench of a district court. I work as the Assistant Professor of the history of international law at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. There I teach the history of international law and other subjects to international students in the faculty's bachelor's and master's programs in global and international law. 

In my research, I work on a wide range of topics from the law of the sea to international investment law, and from the laws of empires to matters of prize and booty.  My recent doctoral thesis was titled On the classical doctrine of civil war in international law and it was awarded the highest distinction.


Here's where you will find me:


  • My researcher profile at Tilburg University. It also contains a list of my publications.
  • My page at the Erik CastrĂ©n Institute.
  • My page at the LPIL in Melbourne.



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